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KUAIZIMU APP- perfect for subtitling a video


-【 One-click subtitling local video 】-

Support the import of local video, automatically recognize video voice, and generate video subtitle with one click.
Improve video production efficiency, and achieve fast and easy subtitling ~ zero threshold production, so that a green hand can easily operate without complex tutorials, Kuaizimu is enough!

-【 Text style is up to you 】-

Text color matching, font size, stroke, layout position, font, English and Chinese subtitles…are all up to you.
It is so personalized ~ easy to make professional subtitle of similar popular video , and there are more text styles waiting for you to unlock ~

-【 Video background strongly coming 】-

Essential background function for short video players ! Nice and easy to use! Massive background material library can provide your video with a delicate background, thus improving the style by a Level; it also supports customized background uploading, so that you can give play to your creativity ~ choose all kinds of background materials, and make your work more advanced by mechanically using them with one click.

-【 Intelligent identification easy proofreading 】-

The intelligent and powerful speech recognition technology, with the recognition rate up to 99%, can free your hands!
It doesn’t matter even if your Mandarin is poor, because it supports text proofreading, and everyone can produce perfect subtitles”

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