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FEITUI APP- interesting marketing with QUTUI


It is an essential tool for fan-attracting marketing promotion! You can make creative short video like a cork!
“Videos”, “pictures”, “GIF” will give you massive templates, “Finding” material library will continue inspire you ~

Creative video marketing, interesting marketing, Qutui is enough!

-【 Interesting marketing Necessity for a “hot cake” 】-

Massive video templates and constant hot cakes! Support custom music replacement, just easy to generate creative and funny short videos. There are pictures, gifs and other powerful features to ignite your social circle! Your creative video manufacturing machine ~

-【 Intimate function Constant inspiration 】-

Video shooting, video editing, material library, video classroom and other intimate functions can help you solve all the problems from making video to releasing video in an one-stop manner!

-【 Daily update Continuous wonderfulness 】-

Advertising in all walks of life, personal daily entertainment, and numerous applicable scenes! Easily achieve the publicity effect, and establish a new way of video marketing. Cover all kinds of hot topics in different industries, and make you do not have to painstakingly seek hot topics, and your content always ahead ~

-【 Creative effects Mechanical application with one click 】-

One-click technology will make you in popularity easily! You do not have to study hard complex video production, the original series of special-effect templates are always surprising, and you can also become the leading actor of special effects, make amazing creative special-effect video!

More wonderful ways for you to find!!!