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DOUPAI ranked the first place in the overall list of APP Store at The USA.


Oct.29, 2019

DOUPAI is a new tool App for overseas short-video launched by Shenzhen Bighead Bros Culture Communication Co. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Bighead Bros) in January this year.  It ranked the first place in the overall list of APP STORE.

The rank of DOUPAI in the USA

Bighead Bros has researched many years in the field of short-video tools app which developed a variety of short video production tools APP that targets different video types, such as 逗拍、飞推、字说, which all ranked top 3 of APP STORE several times in China. Our team has rich experience in creative video templates.DOUPAI is a new challenge of overseas markets for us , we hope we can open a larger number of global markets by the universal emotional and content expression of video.

The date form

The operation of some of the short-video tools not that easy for many beginners, they will spend more money and energy to create a special and valuable production fleetly.

Simple tools and modern contents is DOUPAI’s idea, The concept of DOUPAI App is the simple tools and creative content. By providing a large number of creative video templates, users upload a few photos of their own for edit video just by one-click, then everyone can use 10 seconds to make a creative video that can get attention in social networks.

The screenshot of DOUPAI

In addition to DOUPAI, we have recently launched an app in the overseas market called “Music beating Video Editor”  – Vinkle.

With Vinkle, users don’t need any experience with video software, and don’t need any production skills. Just upload images and you can easily create music beating videos with very strong rhythm.

The screenshot of Vinkle

Compared to DOUPAI’s various types of video templates, Vinkle’s content is smaller, more beautiful and younger. In the domestic market, the rhythmic photo and “skill” video will always occupy a place in the popular video category.

There are many new pop-music on the market, and the rhythm of the music is the source of inspiration for music beating videos. Each different music, different transition styles can bring a different sense of freshness.

Vinkle also ranked the first place in the overall list of APP Store at the Philippines in October,2019

The rank of Vinkle in the Philippines

Therefore, through different forms of “music beating video template” to capture Hot Topics, to simplify the creation with the fool-style operation, to bring overseas users with card point video production tools in line with overseas cultural habits, are the main direction of Vinkle.

Bighead Bros will continue to explore the commercialization of tool products in overseas markets. We welcome exchanges with e-commerce, live broadcasters, games and other entrepreneurs. Contact email: